TECHNIC AUTOMATION has been providing machines for the manufacturing industry for 30 years


6.8 M € in 2016
Staff: 35 employees
Exports: Swiss, Europe, Americas, Asia


Vision processes are used in several types of applications:

  • control
  • sorting
  • measurement
  • character recognition
  • reading barcodes and DataMatrix codes
  • robot guiding

Each application requires a scientific approach and a specific technical solution.

To respond to all applications, we mainly use Cognex equipment which offers a wide industrial range that is easily maintained:

  • Checker vision sensors for simple applications
  • In-Sight smart cameras for mid-complexity applications
  • Algorithms and programming based on VisionPro PC for complex applications

Our technicians and engineers have developed user-friendly interfaces and applications.

We provide official training, equipping you with the independence you need to develop and maintain your systems.



Today's technology means we can implement reliable and flexible new processes by coupling robotics and vision. Technic Automation has developed standard robot guidance applications.

Distribution systems:

  • multi-reference loading           
  • loading parts with complex-shapes
  • bin picking

Precise assembly:

  • adjustment of parts before assembly, gluing, and screwing

Adjustment of parts incorrectly placed in their packaging (thermoformed trays or packing boards)

Parts repositioned directly in the robot gripper (example: adjustment before laser marking)